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How to Boost Your Brand Awareness Online

Brand awareness can be tough to tackle in real life, online brand awareness can be even tougher since there’s so many amazing, well established brands out there already. How can you fit in? Well, you don’t. You stand out! Mastering your online brand awareness has many techniques to it that are simple to do and worth doing. There are many platforms that you’ve probably heard of but never knew how influential they are in helping improve your online presence. Here’s how to boost your brand awareness online.

  • Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a great content creating program that helps you curate designs that infuse with your brands look. Mailchimp also allows you to access tons of features including, creating campaigns that will help you to create brand awareness for your business. This is a widely popular tool used by many online business and bloggers. There is also an app you can download to make this easier for you on the go.

  • Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are the biggest marketing tool used today. They are easy to use, cheap and accessible to almost anyone with a smartphone at hand. The fact that these online platforms are so accessible, make it easy for brands to reach their target audiences in a smart and more efficient way. Boosting your brands adverts are also an option on social media that can be taken into consideration when marketing to reach a wider spread audience and one that is targeted to your specific needs. Try using platforms like Instagram, Twitter and PinTerest to increase your engagement today.

  • Reddit

Reddit is the perfect way to share your opinion on things and help other in your niche. By doing this you can also link your website whilst sharing your opinion to gain some brand awareness back to your website. Reddit has tons of people on it daily and if your ‘answer; goes viral could you imagine how many would come flooding back to your website?

  • Slideshare

Ever made a one time power point presentation for a meeting and never used it again? Yeah, same here! Took hours, didn’t it? Well don’t let it go to waste. Post your slideshow on Slideshare so that more people can get valuable information out of it that could help them learn a things or two. By doing this you can also increase your engagement to your website and gain more potential clients who probably love what your brand is all about.


There are a bunch of other ways to get noticed online. Be sure to drop us an email at or send us a message on our Live Chat if you’re interested in taking your brand to the next level. Happy Monday!

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