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No Leads? Here’s how to Fix It Quickly

Drawing traffic to your website can be difficult when you’re starting out. Especially when your’re trying to market an online product. You’ve got an awesome site that you’ve invested a ton of time and money into, with great content, bursting with new ideas but still no leads? Here’s how to fix it quickly:

  • Engage with leads directly

Engaging with the people who seem to be interested with your product/service is a great form of gaining new leads. Live chat’s are one of the best methods for lead generation. Its direct and provides quick answers to a potential customer who is willing to purchase your product.

  • Guest Blogging

Start getting your websites name out there by offering to write on other blogs. Many famous bloggers will always tell you the way they got to the best parts of their career was by guest posting. You can also write for other business websites or magazines or any other forum that adheres to your niche.

  • Email-Marketing

Got a subscriber list? Great! Start making use of this simple marketing technique by marketing your products to your subscribers. Theses people are most likely to purchase because of their loyalty to your website and their peaked interest in what you offer. You can create specific email campaigns that will also go out to specific people on your subscriber list.

  • Participate in Forums

Another way to get traffic to your site and in turn new leads, is by participating in online forums and sharing information that is similar to your websites niche. You can also drop a link to your website at the end of your responses to generate more traffic back to your site.


There are tons more ways to generate leads to your website! Want more information on how, we specialize in lead generation so be sure to contact Creative Rush on our Live Chat if you wanna know more!

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