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4 Steps to Creating Professional Instagram Story Covers

Ever wondered how some Instagram accounts have really cool, yet professional images on their story covers? Its actually not that hard to achieve and can be done in a few minutes from your smartphone! We decided to shine a light on 4 steps to creating professional Instagram Story covers. All you will need to create these little logos is an app called Canva. You can download the app through play store or the apple store. Now that that’s done, let’s get started!

Step 1: Pick a Background Colour 

Pick the background colour you’d like to use for each of your story covers. Go onto Google images and type in, ‘the colour you want background.’ Pick the image that suits your preference best, download and save to gallery.

Step 2: Choose Transparent Images

Search for the type of image/logo you want against your background and make sure the image is Transparent. Simply type into Google Images, ‘Transparent the image you want logo and you’re done! Make sure to click onto the image you want and ensure it has a ‘checker’ like background. This means the image will have a transparent background to it. Download the image and then save to your gallery.

No Transparent Background
Transparent Background















Step 3: Upload your images and Save to Your Gallery

Once you’ve downloaded and saved all the images you need, open Canva and click on ‘create design’. Click on the option, at the top right corner of the app that says, ‘See All’ and then click on the ‘Blank’ image option. Once that’s done you can either tap on the blank canvas or click on the ‘+icon at the bottom right corner to upload the background of your story cover. Once the background is uploaded your blank canvas should now be the colour you’ve chosen, you can resize the image to fill the entire white space. Now upload the transparent image/logo on and place it in a centralized position and save to your gallery. 



Step 4: Add to Story Highlights

Once you’re satisfied with the outcome. You can save the image by clicking the ‘Share‘ icon and saving to our gallery. You can now open your Instagram account and add the individual images with the appropriate captions as your story highlights. Simply click on your add to story‘ icon on Instagram as you normally would to add a new story. Once your new story is added go back in to view your story and select the ‘highlight‘ option at the bottom corner and then click on ‘new.’ Add an appropriate caption for your icon and click ‘Add‘. Done!

Creative Rush Instagram Account

Now you can show off your newly updated IG account to all your friends and followers. We hope this article helped you create the perfect Instagram account! Be sure to follow us on all our social accounts for more tips and tricks!

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