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Boost Your Creativity For Productivity

Creativity doesn’t always come easy to us, especially at the times we really need it. There are days we all get a little writer’s block or experiences where our creative juices just won’t flow.

One of the easiest ways to get your creativity unleashed is by simply just starting on your project. Start anyways, with or without an idea and things will gradually come to you. You’ll be surprised by what you come up with along the way too. It may sound super simple to do but, it really is a great way to start forcing your mind to come up with new concepts. Searching for inspiration and finally feeling inspired by little things can also leave you bursting with new ideas. Take inspiration from where you usually find it. See what others are doing in your field and search for more inspiration by traveling, researching or even watching an inspirational video until you feel like you really have to get started and do your own things. Get onto social media platforms like PinTerest or Instagram where you could literally find ideas for any and everything.

That brings us to social media. It’s a whole world of creativity out there so why not dabble into it? Social media is a powerful tool to not only find creative inspiration but also to share your creativity to the world! These visual platforms like Instagram, PinTerest and YouTube are filled with unique ideas and concepts from people all around the world that can inspire you to produce amazing work with the best results. Social media is both very affordable and easily available.

A complete alternative to social media however is, if you haven’t opened a book, you haven’t opened your mind. This may sound a bit redundant and boring but reading transforms people’s mindsets. Reading instantly gets your mind thinking on higher levels and not only improves your memory and vocabulary but also exercises your brain by introducing new and different perspectives that you never knew were possible. Reading is definitely a great way to get your creativity flowing. If you opt for this option, you could also pair this with a cup of coffee. The caffeine in coffee is able to activate your brain which allows your neurons to produce something called, Adenosine. In addition to this you’re not only more productive but also more creative.

Another simple way to get inspired is by doing something you enjoy. Don’t look at it to gain inspiration when you do it though, just enjoy being in the moment doing whatever it is you love. Whether it’s working out, painting, watching movies or even going out with friends. Just take time in doing the things you love. Once you’re revived and happy this will 101% boost your creativity.

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