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A Job Recruiter Spills Her Secrets to a Successful Interview

Finding a job that best suits your degree and the career path you want can be tough. Millions of people are left each year with a college degree in one hand and unemployment in the other. For some people however, unemployment is not an option. Lauren Berger, better known as the Intern Queen, who helps students with getting their internships shares her secrets to a successful interview.

When it comes to taking the first step in approaching a company many students make the mistake of simply not going forward with it out of fear of failure. “Number one is you have to put yourself out there and that doesn’t mean apply for one job, it means apply for several internships and apply for several different jobs. Tip number two, continue to apply because again, you can’t put all of your eggs in one basket and you’re probably not gonna get the first thing you apply for,” said Berger.

During her college years, Berger completed 15 successful internships, taking notes of the do’s and don’ts that she now shares with students today. Today Berger is the CEO of her own company, Intern Queen and a career and internship expert. “I discovered I was passionate about internships after doing so many of them and really feeling like I had my light-bulb moment, which sounds very cliche but its true. My first internship, I went from being a college student who wasn’t very motivated was only thinking about cute boys and college parties and joining a sorority, to someone who was obsessed with their career. That first internship is again, what I accredited my motivation too. You know my motivation, that’s what helped me build this thing,” she said.

Many students and people in general that attend interviews avoid the common mistakes we all know like chewing gum, etc. With that said, there are still a few things we don’t really tend to take notice of that should be the height of importance in order to land a job successfully. A simple concept of selling yourself to your employer whilst being honest is one of the most important tips of a successful interview. Another one that many students will oversee is not having questions for the employer at the end of an interview. “A great question ask is ‘What are the challenges of this position?’ It’s basically a way to ask whats not so great about working at this company and I love telling people that because I want them to know both the pros and the cons before they come on board… I get very nervous when people say they have no questions, its almost a reason why I don’t hire people,” said Berger.

As the year comes to an end and many people are jetting off into the real world many students go through a lot of stress when it comes to landing their internships or finding their dream jobs.”You will get your job, it might be three months, it might take six months, it might take a year but you’re gonna get your job. Don’t worry about it, so try to take that pressure off of yourself… You will find that job as long as you’re really motivated and focused,” said Berger.



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