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Hollywood Celebrities Are Turning Into YouTubers

These days whilst browsing through your YouTube feed, a couple of famous celebrities are bound to pop up as one of your recommendations. Many Hollywood stars are now turning to YouTube to share some insight on their experiences by posting travel vlogs, makeup tutorials, behind the scene videos on their tours, music videos and even their personal lifestyle tips. Some famous celebrities that have become avid YouTubers include, Ashley Tisdale, Shay Mitchell, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson and ranked number one on the list with over 4 Million Followers, Will Smith.

To many YouTubers who have taken the platform as a daytime job, they may have some competition when it comes to celebrities taking over the platform. YouTube is a well established online platform that employs many people who have managed to gain a strong following over the period of time they have been uploading videos. Many famous YouTubers like Logan Paul, Alissa Violet and Nikkie Tutorials make their millions through the platform because of the amount of views they get (among other things), which are mostly over a Million Subscribers.

Celebrities are seeing YouTube as a great hobby and investment in their careers. By using their already powerful influence over people that can relate to their niche of health, fitness, etc. Celebrities are able to easily gain a strong following on the platform and earn off of it as a side job. “Being a Youtuber is such an undefined job description that many don’t know what the job entails. It usually starts off as just making videos they liked to create, then people start to take notice, until they start to do it as a career. However this still leaves a lot open to each and every person who wishes to do Youtube as a career, you can be a gamer, a beauty expert, or even a fangirl. There are people who want to watch content you create,” said J Mitchell of Odyssey.

A couple of Victoria Secret models including Karlie Kloss and Romee Strijd have also taken to YouTube in the past year or so, sharing behind the scenes footage from their famous Victoria Secret fashion shows, what they eat in a day and their workout plans to maintain their model physic along with occasional travel and lifestyle vlogs. Since these videos are in fitness and health related niches, viewers interested are more likely to purchase products that are used by these celebrities of that status. This makes it easy for brands to pay these celebrities to use their products because of their great influence of potential customers.

According to YouTuber and Entrepreneur, Jeremy Alexander, “A true content creator goes far beyond YouTube to spread their influence and build their income. They set strict hours for themselves so they can meet deadlines and live up to the standards their networks and audiences expect. They bow to the authority of their audiences when appropriate to creating engaging content that is worth watching. They understand how to navigate business and brand deals in the best interest of their content. This is not only a real job but a truly real career. It’s as real as any career could be and it requires discipline, passion, consistency, hustle, and hard work.”

Many still discuss whether YouTube should or should not be considered an actual job. Although the fact remains that if you are able to produce good quality and engaging content, the possibilities are endless.