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How to add a product

Product Categories, Tags, & Attributes 

Adding a product (In-depth)

Visit link below for more information on the product section:

The Product Data meta box is where the majority of important data is added for your products.

WooCommerce Simple Product - General Tab
Product data is added in this panel

General section

  • SKU – Stock keep unit (SKU) tracks products. Must be unique and should be formatted so it does not match any post IDs. For example, post IDs are numbers so a SKU could be WS01. That could stand for WooShirt 01.
  • Price
    • Regular Price – Item’s normal/regular price.
    • Sale Price – Item’s discounted price that can then be scheduled for certain date ranges. The sale expires at 11:59pm of the specified end date.

Shipping section for courier (They will know what to do if they managing the store’s stock level etc)

  • Weight – Weight of the item.
  • Dimensions – Length, width and height for the item.
  • Shipping Class – Shipping classes are used by certain shipping methods to group similar products.

Product Attributes, Categories & Tags ( In-depth video) Video link below:

How to add/edit product attributes

Set global attributes

Go to Products > Attributes to add, edit, and remove attributes.

Here you can quickly and easily add attributes and their terms.

  • Add a Name press Enter

Select Add Attribute.

The attribute is added in the table on the right, but without values.

Select the gear icon to add attribute values. You’ll see “Configure terms” when you hover over it.

Next Add New “Attribute name”, where “Attribute name” automatically takes the name you gave the attribute in the previous step.

Add as many values as you wish. If you selected “Custom ordering” for the attribute, reordering your values can be done here.

Add global attributes to product

Add the created attributes to your products.

Go to: Products > Add Product (or edit an existing one).

Select the Attributes tab in the Product Data. There you can choose any of the attributes that you’ve created in the dropdown menu.

Select Add.

If you selected a global attribute that you previously created, you can select terms that you added previously.

Add custom attributes

Alternatively, add an attribute you only want to use for one product. This would only be ideal if you have a product with unique variations.

Go to: Product > Add Product.

Select the Attributes tab.

Select Custom product attribute in the dropdown and follow the above steps.