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How to Plan Your Week Ahead Efficiently

Time Management is crucial when it comes to busy weeks ahead. It’s important to know exactly how to structure out your week with a simple everyday routine plan that includes easy steps to help you reach your full productivity potential.

By knowing the day to day plan a person has ahead of themselves, this help give an idea of how those plans are going to be executed and what your week is going to be like. This is important when starting out so you know how you’re gonna go about planning your week. By writing a simple list and writing it all of your tasks down you can easily prioritize tasks. It doesn’t have to be in order but jot it all down as it comes along. Its suggested to keep a memo pad open on your phone for this throughout the previous days before the start of your new week so you can always add on to it for the week ahead and never forget your tasks. According to Liz Huber from The Start Up, “The magic ingredient for planning your week fast and efficient is having a checklist or default template that you go through every week. Make sure to have your top priorities on top of your checklist and then only add the rest.”

Rating your tasks thereafter is key. Now that you’ve listed all your tasks, it’s time to prioritize them. You can rate your tasks using different color pens to indicate which is most important to least important. Once you’ve done this you can now write them in that order with your markings next to them in so you know their level of importance and what is non negotiable or negotiable in putting off. By also scheduling off blocks of time you are able to keep allocated time slots for your specific tasks for the week.

Don’t over do it and always remember to not overwhelm your schedule. The last thing anyone wants to do is be put off by their week ahead! Make sure you have enough space between your time slots like 15 minute slots for breaks from tasks. Be realistic with yourself and make sure you also schedule free time for yourself.