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Influencer & Rising Star – Daniel Duminy



Globally we see the youth unable to reach their full potential. They either grow up too fast or take the wrong path. This often leads to a negative lifestyle filled with drugs and alcohol abuse. I’ve been personally working with teenagers for the past 20 years, we have come across broken kids, self absorbed kids and kids just looking for the correct path in life. Life is a canvas, it’s what you put in, you will get out. I have been following Daniel Duminy for quite some time now.  He inspires myself and millions across the globe.

Driven by the speed to succeed, Daniel Duminy was involved in motor car racing, but being a socialite , he now has a following across the globe. South African musicians are drawn to Daniel & often invite him to tour with them. Nasty C & Tellaman are some of the big names which Daniel holds a portfolio of video & photography.

Daniels video’s on youtube and posts on social media & has impacted many lives, young and old. His ability to motivate and words of encouragement has created a positive ripple effect. Life is a door of unfortunate events, it’s what you make out of it that inspires millions which make each day count.  Daniel lives a life that makes others know that dreams come true. Daniels vlogging has given us all a sneak peak into his real life.

It takes 1 person to make a difference in this world of confusion. If each and everyone of us helps each other, this world will be a place for our future generations to progress in life. Remember, tomorrow lies in your hands.