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Master Your Side Hustle

If you didn’t get with the term by now, a ‘Side Hustle’ has been adopted into many peoples lifestyles. It’s known as a passion or dream job that people pursue to earn some added cash on the side without quitting their day job. Most side hustles include travel, fashion and blogs. Millennial’s of course are more commonly known to adopt this trend which became popular in 2013. A side hustle is not handed to you though, you just simply go out and start it yourself. No need to apply at a fashion magazine anymore when you can start your own blog.

These days information on how to venture out and start a new business is available everywhere. Which is one of the main ways of getting a side hustle put together. Simple research on how to start a business, get your products and sell them are what most ‘hustlers’ are researching. This all stemmed from times of recession, which forced more resourceful ways of an added income. Senior financial planner, Nick Holeman said, “For most of the people I speak with it’s a means of income for them.”

Mastering a side hustle can be a bit tricky though. It takes time and effort to run a successful side hustle that will thrive in the long run. The average person usually has a job they have to keep up with daily which means time management is crucial. As for many people, the dream job of today is working from home doing the jobs they enjoy and no longer sitting behind a desk. Founder of Vayable, Jamie Wong said, “The 9 to 5 was really an evolution of the industrial assembly line job. It’s becoming outdated. We can see so much more that’s out there.”

From college students to business owners, many people are now becoming entrepreneurs as they cash in on their side hustle. With more information out their and much resourcefulness 2018 seems to be the year of the side hustle!

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