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Minimal is More

If this is the most used word of 2018, we wouldn’t be surprised. Minimalism, in case you haven’t noticed by now seems to be a trend that came in full force this year. The concept of this lifestyle is that less is more, and in living with as less objects as possible in your life, you’re able to focus more on what is important like focusing on what is at hand, improving productivity, family life and more.

Many minimalists who follow the concept more strictly, usually stick to basic rules like living with less than 100 objects, not allowing objects to have too much meaning to their lives and are more conscious of what they allow into their lives.

A lot  of workplaces have adopted the minimalist trend over this year which is also said to improve productivity. Simply by avoiding cluttered spaces and having a ‘less is more vibe’ to an office leaves employees and visiting clients less stressed and adds more focus to what is currently happening. “Despite what you may have been taught at school or college, minimalism and productivity are intrinsically linked,” said freelancer, Craig Todd.

Many businesses have also gotten along side this trend lately. By applying a minimalist image to a businesses website, this creates an appeal to potential clients. It also gives off a more trusting sense and avoids adding pressure on customers to purchase products seconds within getting onto a site. According to Kim T. Gordon, the president of National Marketing Federation Inc. “Some companies will put up a website that says, our mission, our clients, our services, etc. Instead, focus on what the customer or client will get.” The fact that many people feel relieved when they visit a website that isn’t packed on with bright colours and multiple ad’s, contributes to their buying potential and how they feel less pressured to buy products.

As the trend began to rise in 2017 and continues to become more popular throughout this year, it has changed the lives of many people in both personal and business lives by showing them a more focused view on their day to day living in a world that is constantly focused on the internet and lives of others.

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