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The ‘New’ Dream Job

The ‘new’ dream job may have drastically changed over the years. With people becoming more aware of not only their opportunities in the world, but also how to get them.

These days the new dream job is to work from home. As rare and impossible as that may have seemed in the past, it’s more and more common in today’s world.

With mobile and online jobs such as life coaching, blogging, ‘influencing’ on social media and freelancing in many different industry such as the Magazine industry, peoples options have increased by far these days when choosing their realm of occupation.

The reason working from home is now considered a luxury is not only because of the obvious low cost in fuel and travel factors but also the advantage to have more freedom in one’s life. According to Michael Guta of Biztrends, “3.9 Million Americans – including Freelancers – Now Work from Home at Least Half the Week. The number of people who want to work remotely and the companies making this possible are both growing.”

Travelling is a big advantage to many home-bodies jobs. Many people only go on holiday once or twice a month, or are given the luxury of staying at home for whatever reason when they go on paid-leave. Although being mobile and working from home does not call for you to lose a couple of extra rands when you decide to call in sick. You simply have the ability to be mobile and get your work done from a far.

Some of the highest paid at-home jobs also include, audit management, research biology, software engineering and director of business development. Many of these people earn up to over R1,000,000.

A bad side of working from home may just be the fact the your work day never really ends. Depending on how your time is managed and the requirements of your dream job, you can still have things under control and live a balanced life.