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Productive Apps That Are Now Trending

Are you someone who’s always on the go? Or maybe you just have an unpredictable schedule and most of the time your best friend is basically your smartphone? Well we understand how tough it can be to keep things together, especially when it comes to work. Lucky for people like us, there are tons of useful and practical apps we can use to maintain our daily lives and take care of work whilst we’re grabbing a quick brunch.

Canva is a graphic design tool sent by the gods. This amazing app works wonderful on a PC but is also great for working on via your smartphone. It allows you to create, store and share basically any type of designs you could need like headers, social media graphics and even business adverts. This is a great app for people who are always looking for a quick and professional way to design their graphics.

Another useful productivity app that has been trending this year is, Trello. Think of this one as your very own digital sticky notes, expect its available to you basically anywhere. Trello is an amazing way of scheduling your tasks and appointments into one place. It allows you to rearrange your ‘tasks’ in whichever order you prefer to. This is an amazing way to have all your duties and notes available on one spread which is able to make you act on them more frequently.

Always involved in teamwork? No more slacking! (No pun intended.) Slack is an app that is made especially for people working in a team or on specific projects together. It’s a great way to have everybody on one page and update everyone at once with new ideas or messages you may need to share. Slack lets you add team members onto a group where they can also share their thoughts and messages with you and the entire team.

Another app that everyone has been raving about this year is Babbel. A language app that helps you learn different languages at your own pace. Babbel is the best app out there to start getting that little goal checked off your list. It teaches you new words and common phrases in ways that take up the least of your time. Whatever language it is you want to learn you can do it all for free with their app at your own preferences.

With our busy lives and day to day tasks these apps are a great way to keep up and learn something new each day. They offer a little help to make everyday life easier and more convenient.

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