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This Is How Google Ad-words Is Changing Marketing

Google Ad-words is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to grow your business today. The online platform allows you to reach customers without having to physically go out and convince them. Many companies are now turning to this reliable source for leads that generate a profitable income and investing millions into it.


Gone are the days of knocking on door to door trying to promote products to every customer you can get your hands on. Google has created an opportunity for businesses to market their brand as long as they do it wisely and efficiently. As social media and networking has developed over the years so has marketing. The out reach a business can have online is close to a billion although, there are a world full of advertisers to compete with in this circumstance.

That’s where Google Ad-words comes in and gives brands a chance to showcase their presence. Many businesses invest millions into adverting through Google Ad-words where they are able to generate a profitable amount of income back.  CEO of The Media Captain, Jason Parks said, “If executed properly, Ad-Words can be a gold mine for your business. The beauty is that if you want to get started on Ad-Words, a campaign can be set up in less than an hour and can make a monumental long-term impact for your business.”

Other marketers may not agree with this strategy which is now the norm for gaining more brand exposure online. Some business owners say that its harder to compete with larger companies since you have to pay for clicks, manage your words wisely and little mistakes can cost your a great sum. Founder and CEO of productivity app, Calendar, John Rampton said, “because Ad-Words is a bit on the expensive side, most small businesses and startups are unable to compete with larger companies… Because larger companies have a consistent cash flow, they can afford to drop well over $300,000 per month on an Ad-Words campaign. They have the resources and time to do that.”

Above all Google Ad-Words still boasts millions of users and still holds a spot as one of the best advertising platforms online in many different countries. It continues to thrive and be used as a trust worthy marketing tool for entrepreneurs and large scale businesses.

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