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We May Live Longer Than We Think

Scientists are predicting that our generation may live longer than expected. This may not come to you as a surprise if you’ve seen the recent insurance or banking adverts on tv that are promoting living up to 200 year old for their marketing purposes. However, when it comes down to the facts, many people have noticed that 50 year olds today now look as though they’re in their 20’s.

Many people may say the reason for this is plastic surgery and its recent spike in the last year along with its affordability, whilst others say it’s he health information we now have access to, that helps us take better care of our bodies in recent years. Social media may also be a contender here, when it comes to competitiveness in people’s lifestyles.

Thomas Perls, professor of medicine and geriatrics at the Boston University School of Medicine mentions, “many people are living longer because of the treatment of infectious disease, medications to reduce blood pressure, or new kinds of surgery.”

Along with these predictions people may live to a full lifespan of 120 years old at an average. No confirmations have been made just yet however, according to Eric Niller of Seeker, “Futurists like Aubrey DeGrey have said that eliminating just a few diseases and coming up with new treatments for aging could lead to 1,000-year-old humans.”

Seeing that we are in 2018 and many people are not aging as quick as they previously did in the past, both internally and externally in their appearance, these predictions may just be true. But, as for now there is no concrete evidence that can tell exactly how long the lifespans of most humans will be.

The world’s oldest woman, Jeanne Calment died at the age the of 122 years old in 1997. As for the predictions of marketers for people’s life expectancy being up to 200, we’ll just have to wait and see.