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What Is The Purpose Of SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation aka SEO can be used to benefit your online business or blog and improve your brand drastically. By knowing the basic ins and outs of this technique you can drastically benefit your website.

Search Engine Optimisation is using relative keywords in your ‘Titles’ or ‘Blog posts,’ to increase the amount of relevant people who view your page. The more specific you are, the easier it is to reach your target market through search engines like Google. Being vague with your words may cost you a lot more readers and potential customers than you think. However, when you are a lot more specific with what information or services you are implying, it will attract the right people to your site. According to an article by the Thrivehive, “SEO isn’t a single tool or process. It’s not a series of tricks (like keyword stuffing) or secrets (like link trading) you can use to fool search engines. It’s also not a series of shortcuts that allow you to buy your way to the top of the search results.”

A good example of on-site SEO, is to think of a fashion blog for busy girls, who work and study. A few keywords we can already pick up from this is ‘fashion,’ ‘girls,’ ‘study’ and ‘work’. Of course there are tons of other fashion blogs out there with these keywords already in them. So to go one step further, think of who you’re aiming this to. Where does this person live? What season is it there? What type of style does this girl wear? Time management should be relevant to this type of girl as well? Already we’ve gathered more keywords, which will be relevant to these specific people’s searches. This brings you exactly who you want on your website and that means more clicks, and longer stays on your site.

Off-site SEO is using backlinks to generate traffic to your site. This means, if you have a good following on your PinTerest account for example, you can add your blogs URL in your accounts profile so that your followers who are interested in you can click into your blog. This also applies to other blog posts you may have. For example, if you post a ‘Beauty’ related blogspot, at the end of this post you can add other links to previously related ‘Beauty’ or ‘Skincare’ posts you may have done for your readers to be redirected to.

The benefits of SEO are numerous which is why many people have been accustomed to it. Benefits include, increased followers of your niche, bringing in new readers to return to your website, building a stronger following, increasing your subscriber count, ranking and making your brand rank on the 1st page of search engines as well as increase income of sales in the long-run of an e-commerce store.

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